Rio Martina - that's us

Rio Martina is a young company founded in Nuremberg, Franconia (Bavaria, in Germany). The mission is to open the possibility for European women to enjoy the Brazilian fashion feeling.
This is the determination of the company founders Cristina Falcão and Marco Scharrer.

The fact that today 9 out of 10 shoes come from Asia, a region of the world where, unfortunately, working, production and environmental conditions are still inadequate, was one of the reasons that led the founders to put their trust in the Brazilian footwear industry. Brazil has very different standards, which are in line with Cristina and Marco's values.

Cristina is Portuguese. She lives in Germany for several years and has family ties to Brazil, especially in the shoe industry.

"I've always liked buying shoes that are different from the usual, that stand out and are characterized by their individuality. That was always difficult for me to find in Germany. During all my trips to Brazil, I could hardly wait to finally buy unique models that can only be found there. Not only the design, the quality of workmanship and the materials used, but also the comfort of the shoes that I find in Brazil is unbeatable. Even if it's a shoe with 12 cm heels!
So it was only a matter of time before Marco and I decided that this privilege should not only be reserved for those who regularly visit their family in Brazil. And so this project started to bring Brazilian shoes to Germany and Europe so that more women could enjoy them." - Cristina Falcão

Marco is a real Nuremberger and has shared his life with Cristina for many years. Precisely because he is a man, he brings a point of view that complements Cristina's perspective.

"Women's shoes are associated with feminine fascination, fantasy, grace and sensuality. As a man, I'm aware of how a nice pair of shoes enhances a woman's appearance. It's more difficult the other way around. Even the most beautiful outfit can lose value if the shoe doesn't fit. If you were born in Germany, the love of cars is not far away. There is a parallel between shoes and car rims. You can have the most beautiful car, but with the wrong rims, the whole appearance loses its shine. A woman can do the same and have the most coherent outfit, but the wrong shoes devalue the appearance". - Marco Scharrer

It's not about the
"must have" outfit.
It's all about the "must-have" shoe.

Just buying a pair of shoes brings instant joy to many women.
The pulse races, the adrenaline shoots up and the endorphins shoot through the whole body.
Unlike fashion, when it comes to shoes, it doesn't matter what size nature gave you or how old you are. As long as the "feel good" factor is there, you will be happy. And that's exactly what we want to offer you.

"Shoes are not only a connection with the earth, they are above all a connection with yourself"

Marco Scharrer, Rio Martina

Here you will find your perfect pair of shoes

Whether winter or summer, at Rio Martina you will find a selected range of women's shoes, made and designed in Brazil to keep up with the prevailing mood in fashion for dominant, dynamic and impressive women.

Some models have a touch of eroticism, others a touch of punk, others convey delicacy and pure elegance.

At Rio Martina you will find the extraordinary shoe that you will fall in love with. Be it for work, everyday life or for the party at night.